Boards and Commissions

Arts Commission

The Arts Commission was established to develop and encourage all forms and areas of arts within the City for the benefit of its residents, including fine arts, performing arts, and cultural arts, as well as to support and conduct events which celebrate the spirit, character and history of the City.

Board of Control

The Board of Control has the power to award city contracts, subject to the authority granted by the City’s Charter and Codified Ordinances.

Building & Zoning Board of Appeals

The Building & Zoning Board of Appeals has the power to hear and decide appeals, exceptions and variances from the city’s building and zoning codes and orders of administrative officials.

Charter Review Commission

The Charter Review Commission meets every five years to review the city’s Charter and to submit any recommended alterations, revisions and amendments to City Council for their consideration. Additionally, City Council refers to the Commission for review and recommendation all legislation introduced before Council that propose amendments to the City Charter.

Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission creates, amends, and enforces rules for the classification of offices, positions, and employment in the Civil Service of the City; for examinations therefor; for appointments, promotions, removals, transfers, lay-offs, suspensions, reduction and re-instatement therein; for appeals to the Commission; and for standardizing positions and maintaining efficiency.

Landmarks Commission

The Landmarks Commission serves as the official steward of the City’s historic resources. The Landmarks Commission is responsible for designating landmarks and landmarks districts. The Commission has the responsibility of reviewing proposals for demolition, construction or alteration of any landmark or property in a landmarks district. The Commission holds public hearings and issues certificates of appropriateness for proposals which meet criteria for acceptable work.

Planning & Design Commission

The Planning & Design Commission has the responsibility to hear applications for land use, zoning classifications or districts; to review and recommend legislation, rules and regulations on all matters of municipal planning, land use, and zoning classification; and to review and recommend to Council ordinances creating rules, regulations, restrictions and limitations governing all development and redevelopment, both public and private. The Commission has control over platting and subdividing of lands.

Records Commission

The Records Commission provides rules for retention and disposal of records of the municipal corporation, and review applications for one-time disposal of obsolete records and schedules of records retention and disposition submitted by municipal offices.

Recreation Commission

The Recreation Commission develops and approves recreation programs under the control of the City of North Olmsted.