Charter Review Commission

The Charter of the City of North Olmsted is a very important document. It is essentially the Constitution of the City. This document sets up the City government and controls what it is able to do. Any time a change is proposed to the Charter it must go to the Charter Review Commission.  The Charter Review Commission serves an important role in the City. This volunteer group is made up of seven people who are appointed for a five year term. The Mayor selects three of the members and City Council selects the other four. At the beginning of the five year term this commission meets regularly and thoroughly reviews the Charter during a process called Charter Review. Once this process starts the Commission has a maximum of six months to make recommendations for any changes to City Council. The Charter Review Commission can make their own suggestions to make Charter changes and also takes suggestions from the general public and the City government. The Commission determines which changes it supports and forwards their recommendations to Council. If Council agrees with the proposals it will vote to put the proposed changes on the next election ballot for the electors to decide.

After this in-depth review of the Charter has been completed, the Commission meets anytime either Council or a petition drive proposes changes to the Charter. Once received, the Commission has 60 days to make a recommendation to Council. After receiving the Commission’s report, Council will vote whether to put the issue on the ballot for the residents to decide or not.

The current members of the Commission are listed below. If you have any questions regarding the Charter Review Commission, please reach out to the Clerk of Council using the form provided on this page.

Charter of the City of North Olmsted, Ohio

Commission Members

James Hammer Mary Welch
Beth Ann Roshetko Jeffrey Haug
Jeff Sturgeon Jim Free
Elizabeth Supan  


Beatrice Taylor, Clerk of Council
(440) 716-4143