Laws Impacting Youth

The following laws and ordinances relate to youth in the City of North Olmsted.


Under age 16: 11:00PM
Age 16-18: 12:00AM (midnight)

  • Curfews apply seven days a week and all year long. Exceptions are made for North Olmsted School, church or City functions when curfew is extended to one hour following the official ending time of the event.
  • A parent who permits their minor child to violate curfew may be cited for a minor misdemeanor subject to a maximum fine of $100. Between the hours of curfew and 5am a juvenile may only be out if accompanied by a parent/guardian. An 18 year old friend does not have authority to escort a minor after curfew and may be held accountable for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Possession or Use of Tobacco/Tobacco Related Products

N.O.Codified Ordinance 557.06 states that no person less than eighteen years of age shall use, consume, possess, purchase or attempt to purchase, order, pay for or share the cost of any tobacco or tobacco related products. This is a misdemeanor violation. This law was updated (2019) to specifically include vaping devices, nicotine cartridges, etc. though it was previously covered as ‘tobacco related products’. Local referrals on first offenses may result in referral to the JTIP and subject youth to educational intervention.

ORC 2151.87 mirrors the tobacco law and makes it an offense under state law.  Under the state law, offenders are cited in Juvenile Traffic Court and are subject to a $100 fine.  Failure to comply or magistrate discretion may result in additional fines, community service or suspension of driving privileges.

THC Oil/Vaping pens

Special notes regarding vaping pens and THC oil or ‘dabbing’….Laws regarding THC may include possession of marijuana (THC is the main active ingredient that causes a mood altering affect).  If the THC is concentrated or synthetic marijuana (synthetically manufactured) this can result in felony complaints as well if the drug has been analyzed by a certified lab. The Juvenile Court is considering the possession of vapes as drug paraphernalia its ability to be used for illegal drugs. THC oil is different and far more potent a drug than CBD oil.


  • No person shall buy or give alcoholic beverages to a minor under age 18. The state legal drinking age is 21, but persons age 18-21 are legally responsible for their own violations of the law.
  • No person shall permit minors to remain at their home while possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages.
  • No underage person shall possess or consume beer or liquor in any public or private place, including a motor vehicle.
  • No person under age 21 shall purchase or attempt to purchase or share the cost for any alcoholic beverage.

Low-Alcohol Beverages

Laws for alcohol apply to low-alcohol beverages (marketed as ‘non-alcoholic beer and wine’) for minors under age 18.  A person must be 18 to purchase, consume or possess these beverages. They are typically .5 % alcohol by volume. Giving or allowing minors to possess or consume these beverages by an adult is a violation of the law. Warning: Consuming these beverages can cause impairment and result in other violations.

Counterfeit Controlled Substances

No person shall knowingly possess any counterfeit controlled substances where ‘counterfeit’ may mean any substances represented to be a controlled substance but is not.  This violation is a first degree misdemeanor subject to a fine of $1000 in the adult court system. The law applies to juveniles as well. Attempting to sell such a substance could constitute drug trafficking violations even when the substance is counterfeit.


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