Rental Regulations

When not in use by the City of North Olmsted for municipal purposes, the Community Cabin may be available for rent to private individuals and organizations. Permits are non-assignable and shall be used only by the group or organization receiving approval. Charges and deposits must be made at the time of the application. The City reserves the right to cancel any permit should the Community Cabin be required for a government purpose. The Senior Center is not available for rent to the general public.


  • The Community Cabin can be reserved up to 6 months in advance.
  • All private rentals are on a first come, first serve basis. All Community Cabin date requests must be made at least two weeks prior to date requested for rental.
  • Applicants must be 21 years of age to rent the Community Cabin. The rental applicant shall remain on the premises the entire time the building is in use.
  • Occupancy is limited to 150 persons.
  • The permit holder will be provided a keypad code in order to enter the facility. When the rental time expires, renters must clean up and exit the building. Renters are responsible for turning off the lights, stoves and locking all doors. The building closes at 11:00 p.m. and all activities shall be terminated by that time.
  • Permit holders do not have access to the North Olmsted Senior Center. Doors entering into the center hallway are to remain closed.
  • If an individual, organization or club has liability insurance, submit a copy prior to the event indicating the City of North Olmsted as additional insured for the event.
  • Any misrepresentation of the description of the nature, type or size of use at the Community Cabin shall cause the applicant’s rental agreement to become null and void and may preclude any future rentals of city facilities.


  • Cancellations must be provided in writing to the Senior Center Administrator by the permit holder. Cancellations received at least three (3) months ahead of the event qualify for a full refund. Cancellations received at least four (4) days in advance of the date and time for which permit is issued qualify for a 50% refund. If notice is not given or less than four (4) days’ notice is given, the full amount of all rental charges shall be forfeited.


  • Smoking including the use of vaping devices is not permitted inside the Community Cabin, Senior Center or surrounding city property including the parking lot.
  • Rowdyism, disorderly conduct, profanity or abusive language, removal of furniture or equipment from the building or malicious destruction of property is prohibited. Any violation shall subject the violator to the penalty provided in the applicable section of the General Offenses Code.
  • Children must be supervised. There is to be no running in the building.
  • Police and or Auxiliary Police may be required to be hired for duty at the discretion of the Mayor or his designee.


  • In the event a damage deposit made by an individual, group or organization is insufficient to cover the cost of necessary labor or replacements for lost or damaged equipment or damage to the buildings or property, the individual representing the group or organization will be held personally for such damage, loss or replacement.

Decorations and Entertainment

  • No decorations are to be permitted in or about the building unless approved by the Senior Center Administrator. Any furniture or equipment furnished by groups or organizations used in the building shall be removed the same date that the building is used by such groups or organizations.
  • Nails, tacks, tape, pins or other objects that may damage the walls are prohibited. If any damage is incurred during the event, the renter will be billed accordingly.
  • Smoke machines and pyrotechnics are prohibited. The burning of candles, or incense of any kind is not permitted. If the fire alarm is tripped off and the Fire Department responds to an alarm the renter’s damage deposit is automatically forfeited.
  • No signs of any sort are allowed on city property unless in compliance with Chapter 177 of the Codified Ordinances.
  • All dances shall be sponsored by a recognized City organization who must provide sufficient chaperones for teen dances.

Food and Beverage

  • The kitchen and any equipment shall be cleaned and readied for immediate service, if used. Garbage cans and bags are available. Place all garbage inside the cans that are provided. All garbage must be placed into the dumpsters behind the building.
  • An ice machine and coffee maker are provided in the kitchen area for renter use. No food is to be left in the refrigerator or on the premises.
  • Alcoholic beverages of any kind shall only be permitted on the premise with prior approval of the Director of Public Safety and in compliance with all liquor control laws of the State of Ohio, including appropriate state permits, where applicable. No alcoholic beverages may be present or consumed unless prior approval is granted pursuant to state and local laws.

Furniture and Equipment

The following furniture and equipment is available at the Community Cabin:

  • Rectangular tables (8-foot long) and folding chairs seating 8 per table (138 chairs and 28 tables)
  • Kitchen with refrigerator and freezer, ice maker, microwave, gas oven, stovetop and sink
  • Men’s and women’s accessible restrooms
  • Accessible drinking fountains
  • Accessible stage
  • Coat rack with hangers
  • Emergency defibrillator in hallway

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North Olmsted, OH 44070

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