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NPDES MS4 Storm Water Management Program (SWMP), Updated 12/2016

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Stormwater Control Measure (SCM) Required Annual Inspection

City codes require inspection and maintenance of SCMs by private property owners to ensure they are kept in good working order and are not adversely affecting neighboring properties or the overall city drainage system. Private property owners are required to submit annual inspection reports to the Division of Engineering by May 1st of each year. SCMs are intended to mitigate the negative effects of development on the environment. Stormwater runoff is rain or snowmelt that flows over the ground and into the natural drainage ways. in developed areas, runoff is prevented from soaking into the ground by parking lots, rooftops, compacted lawns and other impervious surfaces, therefore increasing the volume and rate of flow into the ditches and streams. If untreated, this can cause flooding, erosion and low water quality.

This page contains resources and a report template for the use of property owners with required SCM required annual inspections. The goal is to ensure the system is clean, structurally in good condition and functioning as intended. Contact Assistant City Engineer David Bradt, P.E., with any questions regarding this required reporting.


Stormwater Control Measure Inspection Sheet

Stormwater Control Measure Inspector List

Chapter 927 Erosion and Sediment Control

Chapter 928 Comprehensive Stormwater Management

Ord. 2006-16 Post-Construction Storm Water Runoff Quality

Ord. 1994-100 Storm Water Management and Urban Sediment Pollution Abatement Systems

Ord. 1975-122 Storm Water Retention System Maintenance and Repair



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