Juvenile Traffic Intervention Program (JTIP)

The City of North Olmsted Juvenile Traffic Intervention Program (JTIP) was developed for juveniles, referred at officer discretion, for first time traffic incidents or tobacco/vape related violations.  The goal of the program is to provide local accountability and intervention for juveniles to make them better drivers, healthy and educated about local laws and fostering improved driving habits.  Current guidelines allow for first and second offenses of tobacco possession/use and certain traffic violations which are eligible regardless of prior criminal court involvement.  (Third offense of tobacco/vape possession will be charged with unruly and referred to Juvenile Court; multiple offenders of traffic laws are referred to the County Juvenile Court.)

The parent/guardian and juvenile are not required to consent to participation in JTIP, it is a voluntary program option.  Parents have the right to opt out without prejudice and instead request that a formal citation be issued and the matter referred to the jurisdiction of the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Traffic Court at 9300 Quincy Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.  Opting in does have its advantages for parents and the youth driver.

During an informal hearing, if the juvenile admits to the allegation noted on the referral, such an admission will not result in the creation of a formal record, will not result in a public record and will not result in notification to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  Therefore, no points on the license will result which could potentially affect insurance rate increases.  Instead, an informal internal record will be retained in a secure file and sealed after 90 days of the case entering JTIP if there are no further violations relative to traffic or tobacco and compliance to program requirements are completed.

There is no defense presented during participation in JTIP. While families are welcome to consult with an attorney they may not be formally represented in this program.  This is a voluntary program and defense may only be made in Court if opting out where there is a platform for trials.  If you choose to go to Court your full rights under the law remain intact. 

Dispositions primarily include remedial driver’s education programs, written assignments, nicotine education programs and service hours.  Our hope is to put youthful driver’s back on the road educated, confident and abiding by laws.  We hope intervention for nicotine and vaping offenses help youth to make better, legal and healthy choices moving forward.   Once the disposition is issued, the case remains open for 90 days for tracking compliance and then is closed and sealed resulting in no public records.

Any questions may be directed to Ms. Chris Allegra, Coordinator of Juvenile Diversion & Family Services in the City of North Olmsted, at 440-716-4166, or Mr. Bill Dziatkowicz, Case Manager at Billdz@north-olmsted.com.