Fix Our Fronts Storefront Renovation Grant Program

A program to aid commercial/retail districts in becoming more attractive, economically viable, and diverse places to visit and shop.

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Program Eligibility and Requirements

Program Eligibility Guidelines

  1. Must be a for profit business or Non-Profit Organization located in the City of North Olmsted in a storefront location
  2. Must have all necessary approvals from all relevant boards and commissions (Building and Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning and Design Commission, or Landmarks Commission)
  3. Applicant must not be in default of a private loan related to the business that is the subject of the application
  4. Applicant Business must be up to date on all real estate and personal income taxes
  5. Must have a completed application and submit all relevant documents requested in the application.
  6. Applicant must create one (1) job per $10,000 in grant funding awarded.


  1. Payroll taxes for the business tenant must be reported to Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA).
  2. If the business is not a start-up, a payroll tax report for the prior calendar year must be submitted as a part of the application. If the business and/or tenant is a start-up, a business plan and projected financials must be submitted to the Economic Development Department.
  3. For Full Façade projects, all businesses leasing space in the building must have current Certificates of Occupancy/Business License through the City’s Building Department before the rebate will be issued.
  4. For Signage-Only projects, businesses receiving the rebate must have current Certificates of Occupancy/business license through the City’s Building Department before the rebate will be issued
  5. If business signage is included in a Full Façade project, the cost of the sign can only be included if the business is not a franchise or national chain.
  6. Only one rebate may be obtained per address.
  7. If there are exterior Building Code violations at the time of application, a written plan with timeline to complete the work must be established to remedy the violations if the project scope is not addressing the violations. The rebate will not be issued until the violations are corrected to the satisfaction of the Building Department.

Strictly Ineligible businesses

  1. Apartment buildings without first floor retail spaces
  2. Home based businesses
  3. Sexually Oriented Businesses (As defined by Section 1118.16 of the North Olmsted Codified ordinances)
  4. Smoke shops, Hookah Shops, Drug Paraphernalia shops and electronic cigarette shops
  5. Financing of projects that have not identified 100% of the remaining required financing to complete the project outlined in the application.
  6. Financing for businesses with a history of civil rights violations or have been found to be utilizing unfair labor practices.
  7. Businesses that have outstanding unresolved code violations or in the case of a mixed-use buildings, non-registered rental units.
Apply to the Program

5200 Dover Center Road
North Olmsted, OH 44070

City Hall Hours | Weekdays 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

(440) 777-8000

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